A few more photos and notes from Denver Startup Week

On Wednesday night of Denver Startup Week I dropped in for an exercise directed by Return Path and hosted by Effective UI. They put us into teams and we had 5 minutes for each stage of developing UX sketches for a hypothetical startup app. We were given pre-selected personas to build the app for. Five minutes feels a lot shorter when the task is to sketch six concepts well enough to represent your ideas for consideration.


It was frustrating at first, but then as we got past the first sketches into our second and third revisions I began to appreciate the process more. I have a tendency to mull things around in my head for too long before hashing it out on paper. Less fear, more sketching. That was my main takeaway. Sharing ideas early on is more efficient than chasing them in circles around your own brain.


The aftermath of my trio’s collective sketching

The next day I ran all over the city hopping from talk to talk. Responsive design best practices, Creative Cloud workflow shortcuts, JavaScript workshops… I did it all.


Preachin’ that JavaScript

I tried to go to a presentation on placemaking in Mexico, but when I got to City Hall where it was supposed to be hosted, there weren’t many people and nobody was sure when or if the talk would happen. That was disappointing. I love hearing about the ideas that join designers and activists together in the common goal to transform the way a community interacts with its space. This is yet another interest that was fostered during my time studying in Copenhagen, where they are masters of placemaking.

After work on Friday I headed back over to Galvanize to meet up with some friends for the Denver Startup Week closing bash. It was so fun! Free beer, food, and a DJ that had a healthy sized crowd dancing all night.

A really nice girl I met in line performing an impressive party trick

A really nice girl I met in line performing an impressive party trick

The after party was at Forest Room 5 (always a favorite) so a few of us wandered over there to wind the night down and enjoy some free munchies. I don’t know why, but everybody was issued a masquerade mask. You can kind of see them in the picture below.

Gustavo and the beloved swing of Forest Room.

Gustavo and the beloved swing of Forest Room.

That’s all I’ve got for now. A couple of weeks from now I’ll be going to hear some speakers from INDEX: Design to Improve Life, a Danish nonprofit that my study abroad group visited while in Copenhagen. They strive to inspire, educate, and engage people in designing sustainable solutions to global challenges. I expect it will be a fantastic discussion so keep an eye out for that post if you don’t make it to the actual talk.


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