I have no clean socks

I haven’t done laundry since… nevermind. That’s embarrassing. Let’s focus on what I have done.

Last week I finally made it to one of the Refresh Denver meetups at Galvanize. My twitter friend Matt told me about them at a Caffeinated Mornings gathering this past winter, and I’ve been meaning to go ever since. Todd Berger & Lucian Föhr were the speakers at last Wednesday’s Refresh, and that was reason enough to finally get my butt over there.

Berger & Föhr speaking at Refresh Denver

Berger & Föhr speaking at Refresh Denver

They spoke on several valuable topics including their process, communicating with and presenting to clients, and their friendship with Massimo Vignelli during the final years of of his life. And, as I hoped they would, they gave us the rundown on Ello’s inception, intent, and potential future direction.

Ello is the simple, beautiful, and ad-free social network B&F are cofounders of. I’ve been poking around on there for a few weeks now – if you’re on there too, leave a comment with your username so that I can follow you. If you’re not on there, but you want to be, I have a few invites left.

Then yesterday, I snuck over to Hooked on Colfax to hear Jason Wedekind, owner of the letterpress shop Genghis Kern, speak at the AIGA Buzz gathering. I learned a lot about letterpress, bathed myself in typographic inspiration, and made a note to go visit the letterpress depot and museum.


This week is also Denver Startup Week, and my packed schedule reflects that. There are so many good workshops and events – I’m rejoicing over the ones I can make it to before/after work, and mourning the ones that don’t fall into the early morning, long lunch, or evening category.

Last night, I went to a Basics of Ruby followed by Introduction to 3D printing at Turing. There was free pizza, friendly, intelligent people, and invitations to use the 3D printer in the future for any curious tinkerers like myself.


Playing around with Ruby

3D printing Turing School's logo

3D printing Turing School’s logo

So all of that to say, my curiosity is leading me around by the nose (as usual), and there is no time for unnecessary tasks like sock washing. It’s still sandal weather until October, right?


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