Time is better fat

My life has a peculiar way of going from Friday afternoon to Monday morning without so much as a “sorry I missed you” note from the weekend. This weekend is different, though. It’s been slow in the best way.

Last night my neighbor was noisily… chiseling… is probably the most accurate word… away at something, and I had cabin fever anyway so I decided to venture out to Rooster Cat Coffee House for a Friday night work session.

I’ve been wanting to go there for a while. I’m glad I finally did. They brew really flavorful organic, fair trade coffee, and I didn’t encounter any of the “this is Denver, and hipsters we will be” attitude that is overflowing in some of the other downtown cafés. I spent three peaceful, productive hours writing, editing, and sketching while the crappy wind outside busied itself with blowing in another snow storm.

This morning I woke up around 9:30 and spent an hour and a half longer in bed browsing through travel blogs. I made some eggs, juiced some oranges, and then wrapped myself up like a mummy so that I would survive the 8 minute walk to get my hair trimmed. I usually cut my own hair, but I like to have a professional do a cleanup once in a while.



I planned to go home and resume working on my projects following the hair chop, but I guess there’s some spontaneity mixed in with the snow flurries today because I found myself walking through the doors of Twist And Shout instead. It’s an independent record store full of interesting people and endless graphic design inspiration. One woman was looking through early 80s records giggling and grinning and squealing, “I had this one! I HAD this one!” I couldn’t help smiling. She was so happy.

The contrasting cover designs of all the different music genres are so fun to look at from a macro level. The color themes, typefaces, sizes, amount of copy, frequency of vector illustration vs. star glamour portraits vs. abstract hipster shots, and so on. You can see them change in blocks with each section. I love it.

After the record store I figured I was on a roll, so I put in an hour at Tattered Cover (an independent bookstore next door), too. Going in there feels like slipping into a hot bath of some of my most favorite things. Old book smell combined with the faint scent of the coffee bar, beautiful cover designs, enough interesting topics to last (more than) a lifetime, and people who agree that these are the ingredients of paradise.

I lusted over the Communication Arts Jan/Feb Typography Annual, geeked out over an HTML5 quick reference guide (I will master you.), and then wandered my way into the philosophy section. There were some really neat illustrated copies of Walden there. Some of them were large coffee table style books with full page photographs accompanying the text, and others had detailed, hand drawn illustrations. This cover’s type arrangement also drew my eye:



Even though I didn’t force myself to work from morning to night on my projects, I feel better about them than if I had. I got enough done Friday night to feel I’ve made progress, and I’ve taken such an enjoyable mental break today that I feel ready to tackle my work again tonight.

It’s not even Sunday yet, and this weekend feels longer than even the rare three day weekend. Tomorrow I’m driving down to see my family. Thanks to today’s peaceful pace, I feel like I’ve slowed down enough to spend the kind of time and be the type of company I should be more often. To everyone, but especially to my family.

Time is better fattened with variety. When its fabric is stretched free of short-cut wrinkles the walk from point A to B is much lovelier. And more memorable.

This time when my workmates ask how my weekend was, I’ll actually remember that I had one.


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